Diction Resolution Therapy (DRT) is a counselling approach and therapeutic treatment for all forms of the disease of addiction. It begins from a revolutionary problem solving diagram which is on every page of my website. Clicking on this flow-chart will enlarge it and you will more clearly see that there is an addiction component of healthy problem solving.

The problem that can face people in these times, especially those suffering with the disease of addiction, is that their problem solving pathway regularly sticks, or has become permanently stuck at the addiction point of a solution seeking process. I have introduced the diagnostic term of stuck-addiction© to help orientate people to this systemic breakdown.

I am a Counsellor of many years standing with many thousands of hours of experience. After taking a break from Counselling in 2009, with some years of research and writing and having acquired a qualification in Online Counselling Skills, I returned to membership of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) in 2015.

Within my general membership of the BACP, my experience of working proficiently with a 12 Step Programme in a Rehab setting, as well as my study and personal practice of Sufi principles of Mindfulness for over thirty years, naturally attracts me to be a member of BACP Spirituality. I am able to counsel people suffering unmanageability from any form of religious disorientation, nihilism and/or any form of cross-cultural spiritual confusion, especially anxiety and depression.

Stuck-addiction© can take many symptomatic forms, I am competent in approaching any of these forms, as these many forms actually represent a universal spiritual malady that has a universally applicable spiritual remedy. What this really means is that a person when well has a three part description for their being. This is that a person is conscious in their mental realm, with an interface with both visible and invisible phenomena.

The conscious/visible interface is very clear, but the equally important conscious/invisible interface is by definition more difficult to talk about and if it begins to break down then one can feel increasingly anxious and depressed around matters of ‘meaning’ and matters relating to a healthy relationship with our universal journey between birth and death.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), is a tool in my therapeutic tool-box which is very efficient for right-sizing initial symptoms of distress. Thus my CBT work can help toward providing clients with a sense of a vehicle, a sense of a container within which to safely receive the deeper behavioural change dynamic that DRT offers to them. If assessed as suitable for my services, then these deeper changes are essential for clients to have any chance of securing a lasting and a permanent personal solution.

Some recent client feedback:

“After struggling with alcohol and substance abuse for many years, Andrew helped me to understand the root cause of my issues with his very clever methods and for the first time, I see a clear strategy for staying clean. It took 6 sessions and I can genuinely say he helped me turn my life around”. M – 4th December 2017.


My name is Andrew Dettman

Registered Member MBACP

My service repairs the interface with your own invisible power source

DRT improves inner articulation, moving problems via bespoke solutions

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