Online counselling is a therapy that is delivered and received over the Internet

  • We can arrange this therapy to work through text in a Skype real time secure chat room so that you have a record of the session, or we can meet over a Skype audio link or a Skype video link, the choice is yours
  • We can arrange this therapy to work by sending each other emails.

Here is how we commence – ONE:

  • Send me an email using the form at the bottom of any of the pages on this site.
  • If after an Assessment and Orientation process, it seems mutually clear that you would like to proceed, then my Client Agreement form is sent to you.

This first step is the same whether we work with emails or with Skype.

Secure Therapeutic Emails TWO:

  • Return the completed Agreement form.
  • I will acknowledge both the receipt of your forms and of any payment and I will arrange in my diary for the frequency of our communication. This will usually be a therapeutic email sent to you once a week and you may send emails up to 24 hours before you are due to receive one from me. This will proceed until you stop the process or until the block of treatment bought has ended.

Live Session Therapy THREE:

  • Return the completed Agreement forms and make your payment for the required number of Skype text, audio or webcam sessions.
  • In the Agreement forms you will have identified times and days that you are available .
  • We agree the day and time of our first session and we exchange our Skype identification by email.
  • To start the session I will send you a Skype text to invite you into the secure room. I will wait for ten minutes before closing the room in the event of a no show.
  • At the end of the session we agree the time and date of the next session and proceed in this manner until you say stop or until the sessions booked have completed.
  •  If you fail to show and do not contact then the session will expire as charged.
  • If there are any technology difficulties then mobile phone text messages are to be utilised to explain, rearrange and/or reassure. If the text does not appear within the ten minutes of a session due to start then it will expire as charged.


Please see the Booking page.

Are you in severe distress now?

If you are in severe emotional distress now, then online counselling is not a suitable option for you and I strongly suggest that in the UK you seek immediate face to face assistance through a hospital A&E department, through your own GP, through the Samaritan Service or even through ringing the Emergency Police Service if you are so moved. All of those services only exist to help and serve people who are in distress, all are listed on the Internet search engines, please move through your fear, contact somebody. (For foreign readers then there will be equivalent services).

My name is Andrew Dettman

Registered Member MBACP

My service repairs the interface with your own invisible power source

DRT improves inner articulation, moving problems via bespoke solutions

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