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£ Negotiable

Per e-mail

Email Counselling

  • Return the completed Agreement form.
  • I will acknowledge both the receipt of your forms we can arrange to begin. This will usually be a therapeutic email sent to you once a week and you may send emails up to 24 hours before you are due to receive one from me.
  • Payment is arranged prior to commencement by BACS or PayPal.


£ Negotiable

Per Hour

Online Counselling

  • We arrange this therapy to work in the Zoom platform on a computer or Smartphone or in the WhatsApp Smartphone application.
  • Online Counselling is a powerful and proven therapeutic medium that can be arranged to fully meet your therapy requirements as well as being an answer to your time and travel requirements should you live away from the Hull area.
  • Payment is by BACS or PayPal prior to the commencement of any session.

Face 2 Face

£ Negotiable

Per Hour

In Person Counselling

  • For clients that can see me in Hull, at the Ellesmere Centre, 861 Holderness Road at the top of Ellesmere Avenue, HU8 9BA – then please email from the Contact page or telephone me initially and we can make our arrangements.
  • Payment for these sessions are made by BACS or PayPal prior to commencement.


Are you in severe distress now?

If you are in severe emotional distress now, then online counselling is not a suitable option for you and I strongly suggest that in the UK you seek immediate face to face assistance through a hospital A&E department, through your own GP, through the Samaritan Service or even through ringing the Emergency Police Service if you are so moved. All of those services only exist to help and serve people who are in distress, all are listed on the Internet search engines, please move through your fear, contact somebody.

(For foreign readers then there will be equivalent services).