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“In as much as collectives are mere accumulations of individuals, their problems are also accumulations of individual problems … Such problems are never solved by legislation or tricks. They are only solved by a general change of attitude. And the change does not begin with propaganda and mass meetings, or with violence. It begins with a change in individuals. It will continue as a transformation of their personal likes and dislikes, of their outlook on life and of their values, and only the accumulation of such individual changes will produce a collective solution.” (C. G. Jung, Psychology & Religion (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1938) 95.)

…. contracts form the secure basis for all therapeutic work. Crouch (1997) states that a professional structure holds the framework of counselling together, and that one of the requirements for this is a clear agreement with the client about the counselling. (p26 online counselling Jones & Stokes 2009)

Culture of Change

All forms of stuck-addiction© are abusive and may be seen as self-harming to the overall health of both individual and systemic bodies. These forms of illness have combinations of the co-presenting symptoms of resentment, moderate to severe mood swings, anxiety, fear, anger, depression, violence, relationship breakdown, financial disorder, mania, – to name but a few.

This illness is not limited to the stereotypical views of drug and alcohol addiction. Stuck-addiction© is the common denominator in the collapsing behaviours found in financial collapse, destructive gambling, eating disorders and sugar misuse, sexual dysfunction and criminality, workaholism, religious fundamentalism and terrorism, misuse of prescription drugs, celebrity and institutional abuse cases.

Stuck-addiction© causes the dislocation of the systemic bodies from their heads – in government, in the UK NHS, in the UK University system, (as well as) in many of the multi-national corporations.

So, given the cultural backdrop of atomisation and ‘fake-news’, it may actually be a sign of a healthy sensitivity that receives such turbulence with indicators of anxiety and frustration, even though these reactions can easily stick in a depressed state of hopelessness.

Therapy to Change

DRT offers a way to right size reactions to what many commentators are seeing as patently unhealthy cultural confusions. DRT can then help people (and maybe eventually even systems of people), to be able to navigate through these times of change more effectively and creatively.

The most important step is the first step. Before there is any chance that many of the anxiety and depression symptoms, that are now so common in our culture, can be seen as symptoms of the disease of stuck-addiction©, then Addiction as it is more usually perceived will have to become more accepted as the primary disease that it is – this blog link may help clarify this for you.

DRT is a new approach that draws on proven principles of recovery that are employed in every rehab in the world. These principles are simple, methodical and they restore a person to a working interface with their own understanding of a higher, powerful resource.

This work builds upon a person experiencing the building of a higher emotional centre after any problems with universal animal instincts have been first identified, then clarified, then alleviated.

A person is literally re-paired to a changed working relationship with their inner pair of negative and positive terminals. These terminal patterns are the dual connections necessary to be able to navigate change and for a healthy, living psyche to function.

Diction – is a way of talking, a way of energising words

Resolution – is both a plan for healthy will-power and a focus for an image

Therapy – is a healing and a making whole

DRT then improves the way that a person talks to themselves. DRT improves the ability to connect with a healthy single-minded will power that is turned on and then off when problems become solved. DRT helps a person to move toward a sense of wholeness and purpose within a mortal journey of living that healthily reconnects birth and death simply as the terminals across which a personal life can flow.

So whatever the symptoms are that have brought you to this site, please take heart – there is a way to change.


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