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Online counselling

  • I am a qualified and certificated Online Counsellor. My preference is that we arrange this therapy to work on the Zoom platform.
  • It is also possible to use a Smartphone to access either video or text in a real time encrypted WhatsApp connection.
  • We can also usefully arrange this therapy to work by sending each other emails.

Video Counselling in the Zoom platform on a Computer or Smartphone

  • First establish contact through the Contact DRT page. Then if it seems that this format is suitable, a Client Agreement form is sent out to you with an invitation link to our first session.
  • Zoom is now fully encrypted and is a very useful interface to be able share therapeutic resources live in session as well as there being possible the establishment of a genuine therapeutic alliance for change to be facilitated for a client.

Here is how we commence using WhatsApp on a Smartphone

  • To gain access to this WhatsApp link a password is required, so first send me an email using the form on the Contact DRT page.
  • If after an Assessment process, it seems mutually clear that you would like to proceed, then my Client Agreement form is sent to you. Upon your acknowledgement of this Agreement, a password is sent to you to access our initial session.


Secure Therapeutic Emails

  • Send me an email using the form on the Contact Page
  • Return the completed Agreement form that will have been sent to you and process the BACS payment request. (PayPal payments carry an admin fee of £2)
  • I will acknowledge both the receipt of your forms and of any payment and I will arrange in my diary for the frequency of our communication. This will usually be a therapeutic email sent to you once a week and you may send emails up to 24 hours before you are due to receive one from me. This will proceed until you stop the process or until the process has ended.

All Forms Of Live Session Therapy

  • Return the completed Agreement forms and make your BACS payment for the agreed Zoom or WhatsApp sessions prior to commencement. (PayPal payments have a £2 admin fee)
  • I send you the link for the Zoom meeting or the password so that you can access the above WhatsApp connection from my site.
  • If any session has not been accessed within 15 minutes of the agreed start time, the session will be deemed to have expired.
  • At the end of the online session we agree the time and date of the next session and proceed in this manner until you say stop or until it appears mutually clear that the process has finished.
  • Cancellations less then 48 hours before an appointment and all missed sessions are chargeable.
  • If there are any technology difficulties from my side, then mobile phone text messages or emails are to be utlilised to explain, rearrange and/or reassure.

Are you in severe distress now?

If you are in severe emotional distress now, then online counselling is not a suitable option for you and I strongly suggest that in the UK you seek immediate face to face assistance through a hospital A&E department, through your own GP, through the Samaritan Service or even through ringing the Emergency Police Service if you are so moved. All of those services only exist to help and serve people who are in distress, all are listed on the Internet search engines, please move through your fear, contact somebody.

(For foreign readers then there will be equivalent services).